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Weekly radio show held by Lee Martin and Co-Hosted  by Flo McSwine
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We play your favorite tunes in between conversation topics. From jazz to old school R&B. The oldies but goodies!
We engage our listeners with education and awareness about the blind and visually impaired and disability communities. 
Various visitors from the community join us every week as we discuss topics that impact our lives. We discuss a range of topics-finance, mental health, social life, etc.
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  1. Listen Weekly
    Listen Weekly
    SWIS is comprised of passionate, like-minded individuals striving together to educate, inform and improve the awareness between the "is abled" community and the concentrated "healthy" society. While a vast majority of our population knows someone who is coping with some form of disability, there are limited expectations for the blind population. Based on this observation, SWIS bands together to break down the myths , raise awareness, level the field, as much as possible, and ripple the waters of diversity in "is abilities."
SWIS' mission is to educate, inform, and inspire the community through life realities, challenges and triumphs. SWIS transforms disabled perception to "is-abled" awareness. To nurture the bond of people to people through information and services.
Because information empowers, we believe that information is a vital strength toward independence, security and opportunity for the disabled -- individually, for families coping with a disabled loved-one, educators, professionals and communities at large. 

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